Candlewood Knolls Song

(Yes, there is a Candlewood Knolls song.)

C it’s a CHEERFUL spot

where it is never hot

it’s as nice as it can be

A It APPEALS to us

Don’t ever have to fuss

We’re just a great big family

N We’re good NEIGHBORS here

Friendly and full of cheer

You can always get a helping hand

D There’s a DANDY view

L The LAKE is lovely too

E It’s an EYEFUL that is grand

w-o-o-d We could go on all day

but we all know

alphabetically speaking

it’s OK

K KIDS have lots of fun

As well as Pop and Mom

N-o-l-l-s Oh! It’s fun to wander through

The alphabet with you

To tell you what it means to us!

(With our sincere thanks to Virginia Jarczynski and Eleanor Harden for the words to our Knolls song)