Memorials and Plaques

1. Policy Purpose

This policy sets the direction for the development, approval, management, placement and maintenance of a diverse range of memorials, remembrances and plaques that commemorate our people, culture, and history on all property owned by Candlewood Knolls Community Inc.

2. Policy Statement

Candlewood Knolls Community Inc. recognizes the importance of memorials in celebrating our important community values, in highlighting our common community heritage and in honoring people who contributed significantly to our community, while also considering the collective needs of the community and the overall beauty of our natural surroundings. The policy is not to solicit memorials, but rather to have a clear framework for treating requests fairly and expeditiously.

3. Guiding Principles

The board is committed to:

  • applying a uniform, equitable and transparent process to assess all proposals for memorials;
  • ensuring the subject or theme of the proposed memorial reflects the values of the community and/or provides a value to the broad community; and
  • ensuring the proposed memorial is sensitive to the local environment; and
  • does not detract from the beauty of our natural surroundings.

4. Oversight

The Board of Candlewood Knolls Community Inc. appoints the Beautification Committee (“the committee”) to oversee all aspects of the policy, including development, approval, management, placement and maintenance.

5. Requirements and Restrictions for Memorials

  • design, construction and installation of memorial on land owned or managed by Candlewood Knolls Community Inc. will require committee approval.
  • all costs associated with establishing, fabricating, installing and maintaining a memorial will be met by the proponent of the memorial project.
  • proposed sites for memorials should meet the requirements of the community and regulations, as authorized by the committee.
  • the placement of memorials will take into account the number of existing memorials, plaques and other objects in the vicinity of the proposed memorial.
  • plaques are to be pre-approved by the committee, and are to be small, dignified and unobtrusive.
  • the location of the memorial will not adversely affect existing use or themes of that location.
  • new memorials will not commemorate a person, event or place that is already memorialized in the community unless determined by the committee to be appropriate.
  • memorials commemorating the death of domestic pets or animals are not permitted.
  • all proposed memorials will be subject to a de-accessioning plan.

6. Ownership

  • All memorials placed on Candlewood Knolls Community Inc property are deemed to be assets of Candlewood Community Inc.
  • there may be circumstances which require a memorial to be removed from or replaced at a site. In this instance, each case will be assessed on the circumstances and either a new site found or the memorial to be deaccessioned.