Spirit … of Candlewood Knolls

posted Dec 22, 2017, 10:40 AM by CK Webmaster
It’s cold. Freezing in fact. But it’s mid-December in the Knolls and the frosty air is to be expected. The lake cottages are all buttoned up for the winter … slumbering after a busy Summer and Fall of boisterous families enjoying our beautiful Candlewood Lake! But there is still work to be done … water to be turned off, leaves to be picked up and docks to be secured … which leads us to our story. 

Early one morning Dan, with ruddy cheeks, sporting a jaunty red cap and his helper Sean set off to North Beach to check on the docks one last time and to move the big, yellow tractor back to the clubhouse for the winter. To their surprise, a swan timidly approached them. Sean tried to stroke her … but she backed away … and that was that. Both Dan and Sean thought it was odd, but they had work to do and soon thoughts of the lone swan were replaced by the “Things To Do” checklist. The next day, curious, not knowing what to expect … they stopped by North Beach and saw the swan again. 

She was alone. Battered and abandoned by her bevy, she lay on the dock … hungry, thirsty and cold. She was forgotten. Her feathers were torn, her slim legs scraped raw by ice and her normally bright eyes dulled by pain and loneliness. She had given up hope. But Sean and Dan saw her … and now the story becomes one of hope, kindness and the goodness of one small gesture. 

Seeing her distress, Dan and Sean quickly called the Sharon Audubon Society, and after receiving some careful instructions on how to rescue the swan, they swaddled her in a blanket and flew like the wind to Sharon where help waited. Sean named her Spirit … and their actions are the embodiment of Candlewood Knolls … where caring for each other is our way of life. 

Thanks to the kindness of our own Santa and his helper as well as the expertise of Sunny at Audubon, Spirit is doing well … and in the Spring will be returned to Candlewood Lake. 

Sunny tells us we can adopt Spirit … and in doing so insure her complete rehabilitation as well as other creatures in their care. So those of you who have been touched by this story, and want to participate in Spirit’s care, please visit http://sharon.audubon.org and contribute … make sure you reference Spirit and Candlewood Knolls! We look forward to seeing all of you, including our beautiful Spirit, when we return to the Knolls in the Spring! 

Merry Christmas Everyone!